Using HCG For Weightloss


hCG (or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic) is a biological substance naturally produced by the human body. It is found in high amounts during a woman’s pregnancy, where its purpose is to find and use the body’s fat reserves to nourish the developing fetus and maintain the mother’s muscle tone.

Discovered and refined by British endocrinologist, Dr A. T. W. Simeons, over his 40-year studies, it has become clear that hCG is an incredibly effective treatment for fat loss when combined with a very low calorie diet (or VLCD).

Dr Simeons was able to determine (after observing thousands of clinical trials) the problems with regular dieting and the difference hCG can make. He states in his founding research that the body has three types of fat: structural fat (which protects and pads the organs, arteries, etc.); regular fuel fat (reserves that the body can quickly draw on for emergency nutritional income); and abnormal fat (the accumulation of fat that is locked away and inaccessible).

It is only this last kind of fat that, when amassed, causes obesity. In regular dieting programs, the key process of weight loss is starvation; that is, an obese patient significantly reduces their eating by going on a low-calorie eating program. This is a proven method for reducing weight; however, it works by first depleting the regular fuel fat, then burning the structural fat and – only as a last resort – drawing upon the abnormal fat reserves. This causes the patient feel hungry, their skin to sag, and their muscle tone to be lost.  Simply put, these diets cause weight loss by forcing the body to lose the wrong fat first. It is usually because of this arduous process than many people struggle to see results and abandon their regime.

When the patient follows a VLCD and compliments it with hCG, the abnormal fat reserves are targeted before the structural fat; resulting in rapid weight loss, no hunger pains, and maintained muscle tone. Weight is visibly lifted from the stomach, buttocks, thighs and upper-arms. Additionally, with the abnormal fat reserves gone, the patient’s metabolism is reset; making it easier to maintain results.


In his manuscript, Dr Simeons described the weight loss process:

“Buried deep down in the massive human brain there is a part which we have in common with all vertebrate animals: the so-called diencephalon. It is a very primitive part of the brain and has, in Man, been almost smothered by the huge masses of nervous tissue with which we think, reason and voluntarily move our body. The diencephalon is the part from which the central nervous system controls all the automatic animal functions of the body, such as breathing, the heart beat, digestion, sleep, sex, the urinary system, the autonomous or vegetative nervous system and – via the pituitary – the whole interplay of the endocrine glands.

“It was therefore not unreasonable to suppose that the complex operation of storing and issuing fuel to the body might also be controlled by the diencephalon. It has long been known that the content of sugar – another form of fuel – in the blood depends on a certain nervous center in the diencephalon… It has also long been known that the destruction of another diencephalic center produces a voracious appetite and rapid gain in weigh in animals which never get fat spontaneously.”

Dr Simeons likens the body to a banking system: i.e. when the body receives more fuel than it requires, it ‘deposits’ the surplus fat around the body. This fat can be ‘withdrawn’ as it is needed. The management system that decides when to deposit or withdraw is the dienceohalic centre.

However, this management system struggles when the ‘deposits’ grow rapidly and the ‘withdrawals’ become smaller and more frequent; the diencephalon reaches its capacity. To reduce the amount of constant withdrawing, the body creates a fixed deposit into which the excess fat is stored, but cannot be withdrawn.

“The onset of obesity [begins] from the moment the diencephalon adopts this labour-saving ruse. Once a fixed deposit has been established, the normal fat reserves are held at a minimum, while every available surplus is locked away in the fixed deposit and is, therefore, taken out of normal circulation.”

These conclusions lead to the revolutionary thought that if hCG appeared to work at the level of the diencephalon, it was subsequently able to influence it. By using hCG to regulate the body’s hormone levels (including those that control your metabolism and fat storage), weight-loss occurs rapidly, positioning the body to keep it off if simple lifestyle choices are maintained.

Please Note: Obesity is considered a serious medical condition and for this reason, Como Compounding Pharmacy recommends hCG treatments be administered and monitored by a licensed physician or practitioner.




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